Ground Breaking of RAPA Electromagnetic Co.

2023-10-07 16:50

The golden autumn always comes with the most fruitful achievements. On the morning of 27th Sep., the groundbreaking ceremony of RAPA Electromagnetic Co. was held in Sino-German (Changzhou) Innovation Industry Park (SGIP).Dr. Wang Zinan, Member of the RAPA Global Management Committee, CEO of RAPA China, delivered a speech on behalf of the company. Dr. Wang introduced RAPA Germany, shared the progress of the China project and the company's future development prospects. Mr. Wang expressed special thanks to the leaders of all- level government and distinguished guests for the strong support during the preparation and implementation of RAPA China project. He emphasized the company's commitment to the "local for local" strategy and pledged to make the contribution to the development of Changzhou City’s building “New Capital of New-energy Industries” and to achieve the “Trillion GDP” Goal.

AIRBAGS (Nanjing) Automotive Technology Co., LTD., As RAPA's after-sales service provider in China. Witnessed this magnificent moment.