The international market continues to exert strength, and the export situation is promising

2023-05-08 10:46

Since the middle of April, the company's foreign trade team has warmly received a number of well-known auto parts Business alliance customers from Italy, India, Germany and other regions around the world, bringing new business opportunities to the export business in 2023. Since February, the company's foreign trade export business has continued to climb, with factories operating at full capacity, increasing resource investment, ensuring timely delivery, to safeguard the export market. In the future, it will continue to maintain a good development momentum.

As an independent after-sales brand of the world's first tier air suspension, Airbags has been deeply rooted in this field and has a high reputation. We uphold professional OEM manufacturing experience and nearly 20 years of good technical skills, which are highly favored by European partners.During the customers visit to the factory, we have also conducted in-depth discussions on future business models and technical training mechanisms to deepen our segmented fields. We have reached a consensus that we will focus on distance education and training in the coming months or even longer, provide effective technical guidance to customers, cultivate a group of sales elites with rich after-sales experience, and empower the after-sales market.